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The installation position of the ultrasonic flowmeter sensor probe generally selects two sensor (probe) tube shafts in the horizontal direction of the pipe axis of the water delivery pipe or at an angle of 45 degrees to the horizontal plane of the pipe axis.
Ultrasonic flowmeter sensors (probes) are installed in Z, V, N, and W modes. The N and W modes are applicable to water pipelines with a diameter of 50 mm or less, which are rarely used due to their difficulty in use and high cost performance. There are two common ways:
a, "V" mode installation
The “V” type installation is a standard installation method with a measurable diameter ranging from 25mm to 400mm. When installing the sensor (probe), pay attention to the horizontal alignment of the upstream and downstream sensors (probes) so that the center line is aligned with the axis of the water pipeline.
b, "Z" mode installation
"Z" type installation is generally applicable to the distortion of the "V" type installation signal when the water pipeline is thick or the water medium is not very clean or the inner wall of the pipeline is scaled. Generally speaking, it is more suitable to use the "Z" type for the water pipeline with a diameter of 300mm or more. The measurable diameter of the "Z" type installation is usually between 100mm and 600mm. When installing the sensor (probe), be aware that the upstream and downstream sensors (probes) are in the same plane as the axis of the water delivery pipe, and the upstream sensor (probe) is in the low position and the upstream sensor (probe) is in the high position



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