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Dwyer digital differential pressure transmitter and Dwyer differential pressure gauge Magnehelic selection and difference
Dwyer Series DM-2000 Differential Pressure Transmitter detects air and compatible gas pressures and outputs 4-20 mA letters
number. The DM-2000 housing is specifically designed to have the same mounting opening dimensions as the standard Magnehelic® gauge. There are many
The range is selectable and tightly calibrated before leaving the factory.
The housing with FRP laminated film has a pressure interface, which makes the link quick and convenient. Use the numeric buttons to calibrate the zero point
And the adjustment range, replacing the past potentiometer calibration method. 3.5-bit LCD digital display can be on-site process and engineering list
Bit. A single button allows 4 to 6 engineering units to be selected based on the range.
• Easy to calibrate zero and range selection, saving installation time and facilitating equipment operation and monitoring
• Respond quickly to pressure changes without delaying signal and emergency alerts.
• Easy-to-read LCD display provides instant on-site alerts for faster remedial action
• Same size as the Magnehelic watch for easy installation and field upgrade to digital manometers.
• Tamper-proof button configuration to prevent accidental changes to settings.



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